Where did the comics end up?

As you look around the newly streamlined website you’ll notice a single MAJOR change. There’s no webcomic feature at the top.

This was intentional.
No, the comics are not gone forever, but with health and life events this year, I earlier decided to take a small hiatus from making comics. This decision was also made in an effort to speed up my pace on my print comic project “No Place Like Home” so that I can have it printed by year’s end. (So far this has been to little or no avail.)

So what has happened to the comics then?
I’ve actually for a while now have been uploading the archives to Tapastic, a webcomic platform for the mobile generation. While I’ve not finished uploading the entire Fortress series, I do plan to have it uploaded and scheduled for multiple regular releases per week through the rest of the year and into the future. In doing this I’ve set a timer for myself. The hiatus will end when the last comic strip catches up to where I’ve left off, I will pick things back up with a fresh perspective. Also, it’s a fucking pain in the ass to draw a horizontal strip and then have to tear it apart and rebuild it vertically. Doing more than one thing in a day is already tedious enough without having to reformat shit. But seriously, Tapastic has a wide array of viewers and webcomic fans and I would be doing myself a disservice not trying to maximize my strips’ readership.

Why the change?
For a while now Lunah Bat and I have been discussing working on more video projects together and separately, including her Twitch stream and a couple of podcast ideas we’ve been wanting to break ground on. While I still love making comics, it’s not my only creative passion and together we want to help our business broaden its horizon with various creative ideas and projects we have always coming to mind.  This just seemed like a great time to make move in this direction, and a new website that encompasses both of our work was the obvious first step.