The Good Christian

I just watched the first 10 minutes of an hour long “Sermon” from some distasteful pastor in Arizona.

You, Steven Anderson, ARE the fucking devil incarnate. You and your misguided, closed-minded, bigot followers perfectly encapsulate everything wrong with Organized Religion. There are enough problems in the world without shit-birds like you spilling your filth on what’s left of humanity. You are fear monger, you a shyster, YOU ARE A TERRORIST.

Mirriam-Webster defines Terrorist/Terrorism as this:


“I’m not condoning what these Islamic murderers did, they’re wicked, they’re murderers. But ya know what? NOBODY should be at a concert, worshiping Satan with this drug pushing, hillbilly faggot.” & “‘Let’s stand with France. NO, France is a wicked, sinful nation”



I’m not sharing this video on my page however, because I won’t inadvertently spread his gospel.

There’s too much wrong with the world right now without nutbags like him and Wesboro stirring the pot. You’re not a necessary entity, and someday, if your ‘Just God’ does exist, he’ll spank you like the unruly hateful brats you are. You’re not even human, and you don’t deserve what beauty might be left on this Earth. For now, you skate by life, making money on the dumb, hateful masses, but they’re an aged lot, and hopefully you’ll all die out soon enough. There are bad eggs in every lot, but not every Muslim is evil, and not every Christian is good. The asshole may look different, but it’s all the same shit they preach.

If you need to put your faith in some higher power to help you through the hard times, you do you, but do you need asshole like this making you fear the unfamiliar. Do you need to line his pockets, pay for his house, and drink his kool-aid? No you do not, grow up, think for yourself, stand up for yourself, take some responsibility, and just don’t be a dick. Do you need ancient texts to tell you it’s not cool to go around being a hateful dick all the time? You shouldn’t.

It’s hard to libertarian some times, because I uphold that the 1st amendment applies to everyone, even this asshole. I disagree with him 100%, but in the US, he has the right to say it; just like I have the right to share this photo meme demonstrating my feelings towards him.

Love, Reverend Zachary Martin

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