New Shirt – New Shirt Shop!



I added this shirt a few weeks ago on TeePublic but never got around to mentioning it as far as I remember. I thought ‘d take the opportunity to talk it up now though and mention that I’ve moved my primary shirt focus to  A couple weeks ago, right before Alamo City Super Flea MarketI got invited to join NeatoShop’s pool of shirt designers. First of all, I am still not getting used to being sought out or invited to things based on my work, it’s a very cool feeling. 

I did my research, talked to some other artists and NeatoShop was highly recommended by several artist friends. The use a similar print process as TeePublic, but have a bit better outcome and quality control from what I hear. I don’t really know yet, as I’ve not seen my designs printed from Neato, but I wasn’t by any mean displeased with TeePublic.

The real determining factor for the switch is that Neato seems to offer more benefits for the artists, including helping me with prize support when I may want to do a shirt give away AND they print stickers in house as well, which is something I’ve been wanting to try all year. The list of benefits actually goes on from there, but I’m not going to kiss and tell. All you need to know is that they treat artists even better with incentives and support and the quality it supposed to be really high.

I’m not getting rid of TeePublic all together, I’ll have designs on both, but don’t be surprised if I do different designs now and then per site.

Check out the new shirt shop and the new shirt designs I’ve added to the pool!



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