Hey everyone! I have a huge announcement to make.
I found out today that I was just cast in the new #JusticeLeague movie.
You should all check your emails, because apparently everyone in the world is being cast in this film. Seriously. Quit casting the movie and just write a damn script. The poster is already just going to look like an itemized receipt. PREDICTION: There will be less of a story than Batman V Superman, and everyone will only get a max of 5 minutes of screen time. I can’t wait to see all my favorite DC characters like: Guy Gardener, Super-Chief, The Wonder Twins, Booster Gold, Plastic Man, Star-Man, Hawk and/or Dove, Cluemaster, Steel, Power Ring, O.M.A.C., Olympian, Snapper Carr, Flasuvious, Bulleteer, L-Ron, Amazing Man, Metamorpho, Doctor Fate, Doctor Light, Moon Maiden, or Clock King.
One of the names in that list is a made up name, and only the mouth-breathiest of you will find it. When you do, stash it away in the Sacred Fedora.
If you would have asked me a couple years ago what I thought about Marvel Studios doing a movie with a talking raccoon and a tree man, I thought it sounded like a gamble, but they pulled it off. How is it that DC makes actual humans on screen less believable or endearing  than an animated raccoon and a tree man?! When will people realize Zack Snyder is the stange love child of Shamaylan and Bay.

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