I’m off to Hogwarts!

After seemingly months of friends asking through whatever nerdy conversations we’ve had what house I’ve been sorted to, La finally reminded/pleaded with me to take the official sorting hat quiz on Pottermore. Don’t bother going to the site to find it now though, because it doesn’t exist on there anymore apparently. Seems JK changes things up on the regs now and the site isn’t really what it uses to be, but now more of an interactive behind the scenes journal of hers. Cool enough, but I was finally going to take the damn quiz and let the sorting hat announce what house I’m going to be a part of. HOW WILL I KNOW?! And more importantly, how will I fit into conversations with friends when they all talk about what houses they are in and all I have to say is “My lightsaber is blue and I trained under Kyle Katarn…” I will continue to not fit in, and pushing 30 years old I have to find a way to fit in somewhere. I MUST TAKE THIS DAMN QUIZ!

After much fruitless searching on the new and “improved” Pottermore, La and I gave up. Instead I thought of a micro bracket that i’d spend the next 45 minutes enduring. I decided to google “Hogwarts House Quiz” and there I proceeded to take the quizes from the legit sounding top quizzes, including one that claimed to be built to emulate the former Pottermore version. Here are the links to the quizzes I took: Pottermore-Esque Quiz   –  Zimbio’s  House Quiz  –  BuzzFeed’s House Quiz   –  BBC America’s House Quiz  –  BrainFall’s House Quiz

The first result sorted me into RavenClaw. Okay, that’s pretty cool. I was just kinda hoping I wasn’t Slytherin, not that I mind being told I have some sort of salty demeanor or something, I just don’t prefer green. #1 Sorted Ravenclaw, cool. Quizzes 2 & 3 sorted me as a Gryffindor. That’s the one that as a non-fan I recognized the most, obviously. Then La told me it’s kinda the house for the “Cool kids” or the “Jock-ish Wizards” I thought that fit, cause I don’t really like nerds all that much, thought I wasn’t a jock by any means. That’s a story for another day. Then Quizzes 4 & 5 sorted me into Hufflepufft. Okay. I thought this cool too, cause I liked Neville and he was…. oh wait… La informed me he was a Gryffindor too. So I thought instead cool, I get like a cool wolf mascot or something. To me when I hear “Hufflepufft” I think “Huff and Puff” conjuring up the image of a big, bad wolf. Turns out it’s some sort of badger, well just like the honey-badger, I too don’t give a shit. So I sat there after 5 tests with a tie. This will NOT do. 



I took on final tie-breaker quiz to see where I was sorted. I figured if I’ve double up on results, the probability of this result being one of those two were “Ever in My Favor” or something. If I hadn’t gotten one of those two, I’d probably just have continued taking these quizzes until I got three of one house. just averaging them out. I took the PlayBuzz House Quiz as my Tie-Breaker, and wouldn’t ya know it, first to three I’m apparently a Gryffindor!


**NOTE** The questions from each of these quizzes varies greatly, but I tried to keep consistent with the types of answers I’d give from quiz to quiz. If Pottermore brings back it’s official house quiz, I’ll gladly retake it.


Now I have to go, I’m late for Quidditch practice.

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