Fortress LogoA webcomic about the horrors of working in comic shops.
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Ben is the Owner and One True King of the Fortress of Holding. After giving up on his dreams of making comic books, he refocused his attention on selling them. Ben opened the original Fortress in the desert wasteland of New Mexico, but fedora wearing mutants, mouthbreathers, and freeloaders bled the store (and Ben’s already bare bank account) dry and he had to close his doors forever. Until he won a game of chance at an Indian Casino, moved to Texas, bought a failing comic shop, cleaned house, and re-opened.

Annie, while also Ben’s supportive wife, is the sensible one of the group… most of the time. She often finds herself having to calm Ben down when he goes off on a tangent, only to find herself flying even farther off the handle. She learned the first time around that Ben is a creature of habit. After closing Fortress’ doors the first time, she recalls him saying “NEVER AGAIN” to the comic shop idea, yet here they are. At least the change of scenery is nice! That and being millionaires means she can simply walk away when a mouthbreather screeches “fake nerd girl” propaganda.

Neal is like Ben minus the constant cynicism. That’s not to say that he isn’t cynical, it’s just not in constant supply as with Ben (or even as much as Annie). Neal’s also a bit of a techie, he loves gadgets. he enjoys beta testing the newest gadgets and hopes to someday have a cybernetic implant of some sort. He also spent his life’s savings investing in an internet based tech company that ended up being a viral video prank. His “investor” took off with his money so Neal hopes to get promoted soon so he can pay his rent. Neal is friendly, naive, germaphobic, tech-savy, and a bit of a worry wart.

Tim is dead. In the fall of 1996 Tim was a day clerk at a toy store known as Milholand’s Toys. During morning prep the morning of Black Friday ’96; Tim was stocking the shelves with the year’s hottest toy: “Tickle Me Melmo“. A crowd of zombie like shoppers burst through the door the moment he unlocked it and poor Tim was trampled to death. Not long after his death the store closed it’s doors for good. Over the years this location has been a number of different things, though none of them anything Tim felt he could fit in with. Finally, the store was filled with a familiar enough atmosphere that he decided to gather up all his ectoplasm and haunt Fortress of Holding full time.

Tom is an old friend of Fortress. When the original store was open, he was their best customer as he’d pretty much buy anything holding a lightsaber. Having squandered his writing talent, journalistic integrity, and savings; Tom makes his way to Austin to work for his favorite comic and game shop while he gets back on his feet and writes the great american novel. Either that or start a blog about the upcoming Star Wars Sequels…