Blink and You’ll Miss It…

Hey you guys. Blink 182 just released their first new track in over 5 years, and ya know what… I wish they hadn’t.
40 year old emo millionaires. What happened to you, Blink? WHAT HAPPENED?!
“Take of Your Pants and Jacket” was their last really fun album, once they released the self titled album it was all emo all the time. Maybe this bums me out because I’m not dark and brooding and a depressed young 20-something anymore. Maybe it bums me out because a lot of the music I used to love now reminds me of the old adage “You can never go home again…” The early days of Blink 182 they had a different drummer, who wasn’t as technically strong as Travis Barker, but over all, the music was better. It was fun, it was silly, and often it felt like a spoof of it’s own genre. And the shift was not in the departure of the original drummer, Scott Raynor; but in the first vastly commercial success they found with the single ‘All the Small Things’. 
I don’t know what I was hoping for with the idea that Blink 182 would be making music again. I wasn’t hoping for another ‘Dude Ranch’ and I was afraid we’d get another rendition of the self titled release (an album I remember really liking, but when I gave it a re-listen a few months back skipped all but two tracks). I guess I was hoping they’d do something completely new, and I say that while also admitting that I didn’t like it when The Killers or Mumford did new things because all they did was fall in line to dumb music trends because they knew they couldn’t bottle lightning from their first successes. But I grew up listening to Blink 182. I owned the entire discography for better or for worse, I grew with them, and for a time they wrote music that related to my life, from the concept of the summer fling, acting stupid with my friends, all the way to the inevitable teenage break-ups and emoriffic heartbreak. However, I’m 30 now, putting them into their 40’s. I’m married, I have a different life and a different view of life since then, I was maybe hoping to hear an all together NEW Blink concept, maybe with a splash of their bubblegum punk roots. Perhaps a song about hating doing taxes, perhaps a song about not being able to party like you used to, or how shitty Mondays are or something. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Tom Delonge said he’s a father first now and a musician second, it would be cool to hear them actually make music about the hecticness of adulthood. This first track just feels like a rehash of the Angels and Airwaves era of blink 182 (adjacent) work.
I don’t much care for their first new single, but maybe it’s just not for me anymore. And ya know what? That’s okay.

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