About Us

About Xaq (aka negativeZach)
I’m a full time cartoonist living in Austin, TX with my awesome wife, Laura (La).  My influences range for Hanna-Barbera to Banksy to Lisa Frank to Chuck Jones. I grew up in the final sunset of the Saturday morning cartoon, I love pizza, I think unicorns are cool, I don’t make my bed, and I think fart jokes are funny. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and was born with the curse of supportive parents, my mom still hangs my work on her fridge. In summer of 2014 I quit my day job as an in house graphic designer at a local comic book store and have been working as a full time illustrator/cartoonist/drawer since.  I’m just trying to make some folks happy with silly drawings, before the lizard people rise up and destroy us.

About Lunah Bat
I’m a lifelong gamer and a singer/songwriter. My favorite games are Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Dragon Age: Origins and Fallout 3, though I enjoy most of the games in those series. With our recent requisition of an XBOX ONE, I’ve started streaming on twitch and am really enjoying it! You can also find me every summer helping my favorite convention, RTX, as a volunteer Guardian.

We currently produce 3 regular enjoyables for your internets.

HIVE-MIND updates every Monday. It’s about bees who work in a corporate hive and hate their jobs. Check out the ArcHIVE here.

FORTRESS updates ever Wednesday. Formerly “Fortress of Holding”  I originally started this strip in 2011 after I had to close my actual comic shop of the same name. I restarted the series in 2013 after a two year hiatus and have just published my 100th strip since it’s relaunch. Check out the Archive here.

TUBESDAY SERIES Updates every Tuesday. It’s just a drawing show where I talk about about art and life while I’m drawing. Topics vary from episode to episode. Check it out here.

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